GEO Locator Demo

Try out our solution for yourself.

Database Lookup

We output what our GEO Locator database tells us about the location of the visitor.

Coordinates Lookup

We output the coordinates of the visitor to allow us to display their physical location offered by the device.

What solutions do we provide?

1) Location request to obtain IP address of device used.

2) Browser details of requested IP address.

3) Database verification of the location of the requested IP address.

4) Coordinates of the device used from the requested IP address.

5) Allow or Disallow access to specific country as desired.
(Must meet minimum of 2 of the above inclusive of Location request approval.)

How does the solution work?

1) We give you JavaScript to place onto your web page.

2) The output offers you results to confirm if they are in the location required.

3) We create a Text File Log of each request from your server, so you can run reports.

4) We can provide all methods, to allow you to integrate as you wish